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Before Michael Moore came out with Bowling for Columbine (which had little connection to Columbine) there was his book Stupid White Men (which had no connection to Columbine).
Moore had a book signing at Tattered Cover in Denver and the Rocky assigned me to cover it. Moore and I were chatting and I recall him saying that his publisher didn’t cover his expenses for the tour. I was pretty surprised, but figured it might have been a sign of the times. Although Moore had also noted that his publisher was about to pulp the book at one point because they figured no one wanted to hear criticism of George Bush right after 9/11.
So I didn’t feel all that bad when I told my publisher I could set up a book tour myself. Even if I don’t agree with Michael Moore’s “reporting,” I figured I was in good company.
What I didn’t realize is that bookstores don’t like authors, at least when they try to set up their own book tours. The stores figure you’re self-published and don’t want to deal. And I suppose I can understand that. So I have capitulated and am having the publisher deal.
But I still need to get from Washington DC to Houston, most likely by land. The one-way drop off fees for rental cars are outrageous (one place quoted me $4,000 for ten days). So the question is, does anyone need a car driven from DC to Houston in April?


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