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An hour on talk radio goes pretty fast. At least it did for me when I was on Denver’s KHOW 630 AM Monday with host Craig Silverman.

In some circles, talk radio has a bad connotation as too much hot air. But I must say Silverman (a former Denver prosecutor and astute legal analyst) steered me through an even-handed hour, and the callers were pretty good. Indeed, one caller said he knew Columbine shooter Eric Harris’ dad, and another woman said she babysat for fellow gunman Dylan Klebold when he was in elementary school. Their comments were interesting not only for the content, but the fact that they even called in. It’s often a bear getting information from people on Columbine, especially those closest to the killers’ families. Maybe it was the relative anonymity that made them comfortable talking. Maybe it was the distance of ten years. Maybe they just wanted to set the record straight.

I also appreciated that Silverman (co-host Dan Caplis was out that day) actually read the review copy of the book, and marked it up with questions. And I thought it was powerful that he read the book at the Columbine Memorial next to the school.

This is the link to KHOW, where you can listen to the interview.


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