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The Rocky had only been closed a few days when I had coffee with former colleague Darrell Proctor. We were at the Starbucks on 16th Street Mall closest to the Rocky Mountain News (not to be confused with at least two other Sbux I know of on the Mall).

Proctor was telling me about examiner.com, where he works. In my mind, examiner.com is one of those new ventures trying to figure out the next wave of journalism. And in all fairness, the people at examiner might say they have figured it out.

At first glance, the site appears to be an amalgamation of bloggers, although examiner says it is something more, meaning there is some journalism going on there versus just opinion.

You can be the judge. And you can now read me on the examiner (I am Columbine and school violence ‘examiner’ – the title they give to each contributor). http://www.examiner.com/x-5048-Columbine-and-School-Violence-Examiner~y2009m3d6-We-are-all-Columbine

And I bring up that scene with Darrell because it was so weird how within the span of one and a half hours, we ran into four former Rocky colleagues. Journalists, to be sure, are not the type of people to just sit around, even if their paper has just gone out of business.


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