Gaming Columbine

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Tags: , , , , , is known as the Web site for everything gaming. And that includes the intersection between gaming and the Columbine shootings.

On Thursday, my second set of excerpts went up on Kotaku. (The first were in February.) Each time, the discussion has been wide-ranging, and vigorous.

In February the excerpts, with an excellent intro by Kotaku Managing Editor Brian Crecente (and a former Rocky colleague) garnered 14,406 page views and 115 comments, by one count. The excerpts were also featured on the media Web site

On Thursday, I was moved by reaction to the Winnenden, Germany shootings to write an op-ed piece about the continuous, and wrong-headed nod to video games as the heart of the problem. There were 13,873 page views and 122 comments at one point.

Gamers may have a knuckle-dragging reputation. But I have read a sampling of the Kotaku reactions to my book, and I found them to be mostly high-minded. And more high-minded, I might add, than many of the comments posted on newspaper Web sites.

Kotaku is not necessarily the outlier. Another good forum for Columbine via the gamers can be found on Super Columbine Massacre RPG! (Although I have a hard time endorsing that name.)

If you want to go beyond the discussions and excerpts, I understand my book, Columbine: A True Crime Story, a victim, the killers, and the nation’s search for answers is now on the shelves at Tattered Cover.


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