Columbine Culture of Honor

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“Columbine: Outcasts Seeking ‘Honor'” was the title of a recent Q and A I did on Columbine and other school shootings.

“If I had to sum up 336 pages and ten years into one word, I’d say it was vengeance,” I began on the motivation of the Columbine killers. “Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were angry that they were at the bottom rung of the social ladder. And Columbine High School was a symbol of the social order that put them there.”

The Q and A was for The Crime Report a well-respected Web site that covers criminal justice and journalism issues. The Q and A drew on the work from my newly released book Columbine: A True Crime Story, a victim, the killers and the nation’s search for answers.

One of the key points, aside from motivation itself, is that the Columbine shooters share certain characteristics with other school shooters.

The Q and A goes on to discuss a number of other issues, including media coverage on the 10-year anniversary. I point out, contrary to the current trend of Columbine coverage, “As the 10-year anniversary stories on Columbine arrive, one common theme is that the media got its initial reporting wrong. That is true. Yet the public record was also corrected pretty quickly.”

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