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“On the day of Columbine seventeen-year-old Dylan Bennet Klebold is wearing a black T-shirt with “Wrath” printed in red letters across the chest. The red matches the blood that will later gurgle out of his head to form a jagged halo when he lies dead on the floor of the high school library.”

Thus begin the excerpts from my newly released Columbine book on the Web site today of INDenverTimes, the news site set up by former Rocky Mountain News reporters.

The excerpts are from the first chapter, which is the day of the shootings. The book is not a grisly retelling of what happened that day nearly ten years ago, on April 20, 1999. But people do need to be reminded of what happened.

The victims family I profile in the book says people must not forget the horror of what happened that day if they want to prevent something like it from happening again. That is similar to Holocaust survivor and writer Elie Weisel’s dictum that, “to remain silent and indifferent is the greatest sin of all.”

People should remember, but also learn. Otherwise the killers themselves are given the opportunity to write history. The excerpts, in part, continue:

“Harris and Klebold have hand signals, and one imagines them jotting down the gestures before the massacre with a mixture of excitement and exactitude; serious about the carnage, but giddy to kill. The signals include:

Bombing—wave fist
Cops sighted—wave hand
Suicide—point to head with gun”

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