Columbine – ‘Anatomy of a tragedy’ in Denver Post

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Columbine is in the media today with another review of my book Columbine: A True Crime Story, a victim, the killers and the nation’s search for answers.

The thorough, well-done review in the Denver Post was done by Keith Coffman.

The review begins, “The Columbine massacre a decade ago was one of the most widely — if inaccurately — reported crime stories in American history. Myths surrounding the school shooting that were seared into the public consciousness from the early news coverage were later debunked, but muted by the passage of time.”

I thought Coffman did an excellent job summarizing but also bringing out the new items and pointing out the differing conclusions about the causes behind Columbine. He writes, “Kass believes the combination of the teens’ mental illness… and the isolation of suburbia produced the rampage.”

Coffman is a Colorado-based freelance journalist who has written about Columbine for Reuters, The Denver Post and the governor’s Columbine Review Commission.

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